I made this website for 3 reasons. 
1) I am making a few bucks because of the google ads on the site ;)
2) I saw a website that someone made to bash Vpoint (so I thought I would make a site)
3) I love trading, love making money and want people to know that it is possible!

They say Vantage point trading software can predict with 80% accuracy.  Scam or real?

There is so much junk out there.  How the hell can you figure out if some is real or if it is JUNK?  Do a quick search on the internet adn you can get all the "scam claims" and of course Felix from ForexBastards (he now changed the name of his site to ForexPeaceArmy).

Anyway, not to get off topic.....does Vantagepoint work?  Depends on who you ask.  I know traders who make TONS of money with it. I also know complete morons who shouldn't even be allowed to drive a car who claim it doesn't work. 

Me personally....it works.  I am no super genius....I am not dummy.....I am MAKING MONEY THO.

Truth is Vantagepoint does cost a lot of money.  Truth is it will make you even more - if you know how to use it.

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Comments from other people making money with vantagepoint trading software

Trevor, Canada
Hi everyone. I'm going to make this short and as to the point as possible. I have been using VP for 3 years now. It was a huge factor in my trading then, and it remains an even bigger one today. I have recently upgraded to 8.0 and am happy to see the changes and improvements made. When I first purchased the software, I wavered back and forth for the better part of 6 months, doing my homework and deciding whether or not to risk the purchase. Simply put, VP stays on the top shelf of my 'toolbox' and is referenced daily. I can count more times than not when VP has both made me money as well as prevented a loss. During my initial 2 months, I parked my real account so that I could paper trade metals until I was comfortable with VP and could learn to trust it. Then over the following 4 months with my software, trading spot metals and then forex pairs, I turned a $2500 account into $18000 with the goal in mind of putting 10% down on my new house by the time it was finished being built. I am happy to report that I succeeded and in closing, recommend that people stop slamming VP (TraderTech) until you have either tried it without the notion of getting rich quick, understand what it is your trading, and not treat the software as the 'be all end all' of tools with which you trade. Like anything man made, it has errors and is not a perfect system. If it was, I wouldn't be sitting here talking about it because I could afford to live on a island void of all technology. All joking aside, I give it 4 out of 5 for great customer service, a great product (that wasn't shoved down my throat when I was interested in buying) and continued support (wasn't thrown to the dogs after purchasing as so many businesses do these day's ) but 1 star left to earn because like everything and everyone, it can always be improved on. Hope this helps in your decision making. Keep learning, take you losses like a man/women and watch out for the mother of all evils, greed! 
Best regards, Trevor

George Geroulias, Greece
Dear friends I found this forum about vantage point and saw that many people have rated the program as a scam. The problem with all of you is that you need a lot of work yet to learn how to put money out of the financial markets. I bought this software 2 months ago and yes got very tired since become familiar with it. I spend countless hours reading it's reports and the books. But finally i found my way. I created a trading system which is very accurate and gives me very good money. I'm not going to explain here my system but yes the program is very accurate and only for serious traders. If you are not just follow an automatic system. Don't try to generate signals by yourself, it is very risky. Success in financial markets isn't very easy.
Update:  I purchased this software 3 years ago and i have impressive results in my position trading strategy in all the markets. The latest update in 8.0 has also saved me time because of the new features it has. I truly reccomend the software to every serious trader.

  TME, London
VP gets a lot of criticism, and if you are expecting some magical piece of software that will make you instant money, then my advice is to forget about it.

For those who have a little more patience, VP offers some very useful features, and I have found is excellent for backtesting (in Excel). I have found that its value depends on the different strategies tested, the combinations of indicators used, length of trades, and so on.

It is expensive, and the sales pitch is overenthusiastic. Where I find it most useful is in testing out different strategies (mainly FX in my case, but it is applicable to many markets). If you are prepared to use it in this way, and not expect instant results, then in my opinion it is worth the cost.

I am not in any way connected to VP, and have no interest whatsoever in selling their software for them, but I just think it's fair to point out that it is not the 'scam' some people imagine. I use it everyday, and it is becoming more useful to me all the time.

But, and it's a big but, if you are not prepared to really explore this software, and learn to see how these indicators combine best (via backtesting, which is often fairly consistent across markets) then this is not the program for you, and I would advice you not to waste your money.

Below video is straight off of Youtube.com

More traders making money with vantagepoint trading software

Carl O, NYC

Vantagepoint in my analysis is more like 90% accurate! I have made between $18-$20k a month consistently over the last 4 months in Forex. It takes a little time getting comfortable with it. I have been trading about a year. In the beginning, I spent some time learning it. But, once I got the hang of it and applied the indicators correctly, it's been extremely consistent. Anyone who says it's less than awesome just doesn't know how to use the software. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!


 Brandon Jones, California
In the interest of full disclosure, the following is taken from a book that Marketing technologies paid me to write. It should also be stated that I approached the company about writing a book (that would help others who are using their software) after I started having solid and regular trading success with the software.

There are no “silver bullets” when it comes to trading. For those of you looking to VantagePoint for this, don’t bother. Save your money. Trading is work, and it takes time and effort to understand a particular market, establish a strategy to trade within that market, and apply the necessary discipline to stick to the strategy. Then, and only then, will VantagePoint provide the edge needed to trade successfully.

VantagePoint is an excellent tool for creating the edge one needs to be successful in today’s trading environment. The issue, though, is not the value of the software; rather, it is the effort it takes to fully grasp that value and then to understand how to fully utilize the value in developing a trading strategy based on the software. In my experience, the two keys that unlock the value of the software are confirmation and timing.
VantagePoint is not magic. One cannot rely solely on the crossover visuals in the chart to select a trade, nor can one simply go with the predicted highs and lows to find profitable entry and exit points. It took me some time to understand that the best trades are found when all relative leading indicators are analyzed, the most profitable entry and exit points are established, and the predicted highs and lows are utilized in accordance with the indicators analyzed. Not understanding the above *realities* prevented me from trading successfully with VantagePoint initially.
As to the customer service of VantagePoint, I cannot relate in any way to the issues raised in this forum. Again, here is a quote from my book.
Personally, I am extremely disillusioned about the current state of customer service here in America. Anyone who has picked up a phone or walked into a store to seek help on a purchase undoubtedly would agree with me. Be that as it may, the point I want to make is this: The customer service provided with VantagePoint has restored my hope that American business may yet see the light and - forget it -
 customer service is important. Be assured you may call or email whenever you have a question of any sort related to VantagePoint and you will get prompt, competent, and genuinely friendly service. No one asked me to say this. I volunteer my thought for your benefit and to compliment and encourage the customer service folks supporting VantagePoint.. 


Michael, Italy
Vantage Point is a great software. But that is what it is...only a software. If you don't understand how the software works you will never be able to use it correctly.

How many of you can use Microsoft Excel to its full potential ? Not many I believe, and do you go around saying that excel is a scam ? I bet you don't, I believe you would say that you're no good with excel.

This is the same. VP is not a trading system, it's a software that generates predictive indicators as to the direction the market might move in the next few days.

Then you can view the reports as numbers or as lines on the charts. If you can't read the charts, if you can't find the patterns or the correlations between the predictive indicators you will fail. And lose a bundle.

When you first learnt to drive, did you jump immediately behind the wheel of a Ferrari ? Nope, you took it slowly, learning step by step, one day at a time.

VP is like a brand new Ferrari, if you don't know how to drive you'll crash it....and it will cost you loads. You might even get hurt in the process.

The tools are there, the indicators are there. VP works extremely well, it's up to you.

Can you build a Ferrari or will drive around in a battered up old and rusty car ?

I am only reviewing the software, and it gets 5 stars.

True the people at Market Technologies are pushy at times but, they're only doing their job. If people rating VP as a scam would learn to their job properly....there would be no scam ratings.

    Please share your story with others....